Song Of Solomon Literary Analysis

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After the Civil War and the 13th amendment that abolished slavery. There was still a mass of segregation in America in those following years. Jim Crow laws separated blacks and whites in public areas. Song of Solomon by Tori Morrison demonstrated the diverse lives black communities live, with multiple symbolisms of racial prejudice and segregation. Lower or extending a monthly rent, Emmitt Till being murdered as well as lower and higher selfish incomes are racial prejudices and segregation Morrison describes. Song of Solomon is based between 1930s and 1960s. Morrison’s main protagonists are predominantly black. Macon Dead II is a wealthy black businessman who takes money from the poor black community. He is a landlord to the black lower…show more content…
Mrs. Bains, Guitar’s grandmother, remarks on Macon Dead II decision on not to extend her rent due date. This demonstrates the early stages of his interest only being material objects. This affect’s the lower class community. She states, "A nigger in business is a terrible thing to see. A terrible, terrible thing to see." (22). Macon’s businessman methods have removed his humanity, his ability to understand Mrs. Bains while she is trying to raise two grandsons on her own. This displays the inequality Macon Dead II embraces due to his higher-class statues. He doesn’t show remorse or hesitate when Mrs. Bains from the lower class, attempted to get her rent extended. Macon Dead symbolizes the racial prejudice by exploiting his own race. He didn’t show generosity and cut her rent, since he is so wealthy. Instead he demonstrates no sympathy and compassion. Macon Dead II illustrates the greed from his past dealing with racism. White men tricked his father into giving away his land because he was a slave and couldn’t read. Afterwards the white men murdered his father. Macon believes white people are motivated by greed. He aspires this greed and money so much he values it more than people and his own family.
Emmitt Till was a 14-year-old boy from the north. He went to visit the south and stopped at a liquor store to buy items for later. As he was walking out, he saw a pretty white young woman and whistled. A few days
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