Song Of The Pearl Essay

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. Many elements of the story would change if it was set in 2016. With contemporary transportation, Kino would have been easily able to travel to the capital and find a salesman to sell the pearl to. In fact, with the Internet, it is unlikely Kino would even have to leave La Paz to sell his pearl. Kino expressed how difficult the journey was by saying that it was “over water and through Mountains” (Steinbeck 53). Lastly, it is unlikely Kino would have gotten away with his murders. Kino killed many people who attempted to steal the pearl from him. With modern technology, Kino would be caught by police and would be unable to return to his normal life. Juana says “You have killed a man. We must go away. They will come for us” (Steinbeck 61).

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Kino refers to different songs throughout the text because it provides a brilliant way for the reader to understand Kino’s emotions. Certain songs, like the “Song of the Family” or the “Song of Evil” allows characterization of Kino. This is only possible because Steinbeck wrote this book in the third person omniscient point of view. Also, certain songs, like the “Song of the Family”, help humanize Kino and allow the reader to relate to him. At first glance, Kino can be seen as a greed corrupted maniac who commits various crimes to become rich. However, through the “Song of the Family” we see Kino as a loving father and passionate husband who is trying to do everything he can to help his…show more content…
One of the primary reasons why Juana wants Kino to throw back the Pearl is because she is scared of what has become of Kino. Kino killed a man right in front of Juana (Steinbeck 60). Also, it's noteworthy that kino has the gun that he stole from the trackers, which would make it even easier for Kino to kill her (Steinbeck 88). The last reason why Juana wants Kino to throw the Pearl is because of gender roles. In their society, it is not accepted for women to act above her husband. Managing the family wealth was seen as the husband's job, and Juana did not want any extra attention from her
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