Song Of The South Analysis

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servant Uncle Remus (Weinman). Song of the South has never been released in North America and is no longer shown on television due to its use of offensive racial stereotypes regarding African Americans and racist language (Weinman). Uncle Remis the films protagonist lives on a plantation in what resembles the post-civil war period, although Disney never reveals the actual time period. Uncle Remis and all the ex-slaves in the film speak pidgin dialect or what some refer to as slave dialect a type of speech commonly associated with the slaves whom were not allowed to be educated and speak formally (Weinman). Remis and the other African American characters in the film were also spoken to disrespectfully as if to suggest that they are inferior and in a few scenes spoken to as if they are a child, implying that they incapable of comprehending common formal language. Uncle Remis speaks to the White people in the film as if they are superior and he is still a slave, he’s never allowed to stand his ground and speak his mind as any free person would be entitled to. The NAACP was highly offended with Disney’s use of African Americans stereotypes and racially coded language in the film and contacted Disney asking for production of the film to be halted and protested its release (Weinman). Song of the South has yet to be rereleased and some claim that Disney will never open its vault and attempt to rerelease the film to due the implications that would incur by doing so.
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