Song Translation Methodology And Analysis

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Methodology and Analysis This part is aiming at displaying the utilization of important systems and norms from rewriting theory in song lyrics translation. The methodology will give a thorough explanation of how ideology and poetics influence the process of song lyrics translation. The followed part analysis will illustrate one example of English to Chinese song lyrics translation and explain in detail how ideology and poetics are applied. 3.1 Methodology Ideology as the most important factor in influencing the process of literature translation plays the same role in song lyrics translation. The effects of ideology present at the first step of lyrics translation – choosing of the song which is also governed by the patronage. In the case…show more content…
With the influence of poetics received from lyricists and composers, song lyrics translators will translate and rewrite the lyrics to an appropriate degree to make it sounds professional. The poetics factor will also work when the rewriting of lyrics become too free and deviates too much from the original meaning. 3.2 Analysis In this section, the author will demonstrate the example of Let It Go and will analyze the influence of ideology, poetics on its song lyrics translation. The importing of Let It Go to China is not a surprising result since it is a Disney song which swept over every country around the world in 2013. The lyrics itself is very inspiring and encouraging. Having noticed this, Wonderland Music Company which is the releasing company of Let It Go realized it can gain significant economic benefits as well as public acknowledgement in China. Therefore, Wonderland Music Company translated the song into Chinese and broke the hidden rule of broadcasting the original Disney song in the Disney movie, Let It Go became even more popular in China. The ideology is the factor that takes effect during the process when Wonderland Music Company chose to translate the song. The following is a selection from Let It Go which is sung by Demi Lovato (left) and its official Chinese version by Yao Beina (left): The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Not a footprint to be seen A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I 'm the
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