Songs From The North Poem Analysis

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The narrator finds comfort and peace in silence and stillness of nature, similarly as in “Songs from the North”. In both examples the narrator seems to already be “here” insinuating that the longing is in fact not tied to any specific place but time. The narrator has reached the tranquility of mind where the pain is no longer, but in his hopefulness he is realistic that the relief is only temporary. The narrator seems to be longing the present moment even before it is gone, thus making him pre-nostalgic that is evoked by the transience nature of life. Similarly as in “The Heart of a Cold White Land”, in “Away” the use of juxtaposition of light and dark characterize the different feelings of the narrator. Light seems to refer to hope and relief whereas dark relates to feelings of pain and fear.

The last example of longing is also the last song of the triple album, “The Clouds Prepare for Battle”. The lyrics represent longing from a different angle than in earlier examples. The narrator is returning home, thus he
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In song “The Gathering of the Black Moths” has experienced loss of loved ones that in turn causes him to the loss of hope. Similarly in “7 Hours Late” the lyrics describe the narrator’s loss of his father but also the loss of hope as his father will never return. In “Heartstrings Shattering” the narrator relives the loss of a loved one every time he remembers her. Also in “Room and Shadows” the narrator has lost loved ones and that loss has caused great pain and sorrow for him. As exemplified by these four song lyrics, death circles around the concept of melancholy. As Edgar Allan Poe has stated “of all melancholy topics what, according to the universal understanding of all mankind, is the most melancholy? Death was the obvious reply” (Poe 1846:
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