Sonia Sotomayor 's Book About Her Life And Her Climb From The Streets Of New York

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Sonia Sotomayor’s book is about her life and her climb from the streets of New York to the place that she is today. Her book explains the challenges that she faced growing up, losing her father at such a young age and working hard to accomplish the great achievements that she has accomplished today. She explains how her upbringing affected how she turned out in life. She explains what it takes for a woman of a Latino origin to sit on the bench, and she explains her reasoning. Sonia shows how she used what she has learnt from her past experiences and how she applied these lessons to the new situations she faced in her life. The book is distributed all over the United States and inspired more and more Latinos every day. In this way, she has helped them by giving them an inspirational story that will be told for years to come, and she will be remembered for much more than her book.
When Sonia Sotomayor was 7 years old, she was hospitalized with diabetes and she had to learn how to give herself insulin shots by practicing on an orange. At home, her mother showed her how to light the stove with a match, and together they would fill a pot with water to disinfect the syringe and needle. Sonia was taught to wait for the water to boil and then to wait five minutes more. The daily shots became her way of avoiding conflict between her parents. Sonia’s father’s hands trembled because of his alcoholism, and her mother, a nurse who worked long hours, would get angry when she couldn’t rely…

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