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Q. What should Sonic's mission be? MISSION Sonic is committed to producing affordable state-of-the-art, multi-functional electronic devices that provide convenient entertainment, communication, and information storage for consumers and business users on the go. Q. In what competitive spheres (industry, products and applications, competence, market-segment, vertical and geographic) should sonic operate? The competitive spheres in which Sonic should operate (Kotler):  Industry: Personal digital assistant, telecommunication, and multi-media products.  Product and Applications: Multi-function, multi-media digital assistant products that have advanced features such as hands free capabilities, Wi-Fi, GPS at ultra-fast download…show more content…
The Focus plan deals with one or more narrow segments and is a great entry barrier to develop the core specs for launching new products or services. The Sonic firm would later have the opportunity to pursue either the Cost Leadership or Differentiation segment. It is important that the Sonic sustain the lowest cost to gain brand recognition in the market. Sonic can pursue targeting identified segments with multi – dimensional satisfaction that includes quality, differentiation, and price (Kotler). The Overall Cost Leadership states that firms work hard to achieve the lowest production and distribution cost. Sonic has not established their brand or image so their price for competing PDAs is lower than competitors. Differentiation sets the product apart and the firm must make the products with the best components. The Sonic PDA must be positioned as a versatile, convenient, and value added product. The focus would incorporate hands free operation for multiple communication, entertainment, and information capability. Table 1: (Quick MBA) Industry Force Generic Strategies Cost Leadership Differentiation Focus Entry Barriers Ability to cut price in retaliation deters potential entrants Customer loyalty can discourage potential entrants Develop core competencies that can act as an entry barrier Buying Power Ability to offer lower price to powerful buyers

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