Sonic 1000 Pda Marketing Analysis

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Running head: MARKETING ANALYSIS OF SONIC PDA 1000 Marketing Analysis of Sonic PDA 1000 Abstract The purpose of this group project is to provide the members of LU BUSI-520 Delta Group with a patterned professional forecasting model for research and analysis of a prospective new product. The new product will be the Sonic 1000 PDA; a fictitious product formulated especially for this mock-up analysis (Kotler, & Keller, 2009). Through experiential collaboration, the members of Delta Group should gain needed insight into the potential quandaries that are mutually shared by many of today’s marketing managers. It is conceived that each member of Delta Group will personally align with the labors of research and planning intrinsic to the…show more content…
We will be targeting several different markets that we feel have potential either due to great need for the product or available disposable income and status. Mission Statement Sonic believes that the Sonic 1000 PDA is versatile and user friendly and is the best way to keep you in touch with your life. Competitive Strategy Sonic should endeavor to use Porter’s generic competitive strategy of differentiation as its overall strategy. Versatility and ease of use are what Sonic will provide to the consumer. Our secondary strategy should be focus, we will key in on a few different market segments which we feel are high profile markets and deserving of attention. Sonic’s pricing could be our greatest asset. According to Levitt, in his article, Marketing Myopia, Henry Ford had a strategy which included mass production, but that first and foremost one must never place the profit lure from this production above thinking about your customer. Henry Ford worked from the idea that he could produce his invention, the car for $500, and therefore because it was priced reasonably could expect to sell millions of cars. His focus was not on mass production, but what the consumer could afford to pay for his product, and then he worked to produce it for that amount. (Levitt, 2004, p. 144). This probably would be a wise decision for Sonic, especially during this unstable economy we are facing. Target Markets Sonic’s primary target market will be business

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