Sonic Marketing Analysis Proposal

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Marketing Analysis Proposal

Part One: Introduction Sonic is about to enter a mature and highly competitive PDA market. Founded eighteen months ago, the company was birthed by two entrepreneurs highly skilled and knowledgeable in telecommunications. They are preparing to present their first product, Sonic 1000 PDA. The Sonic 1000 offers wireless networking, digital technology, dual phone use, 20 gigabytes of memory, four megapixel camera, and voice recognition hands free operation (Kotler & Keller, 2009, p. A5). A marketing consultant group has been secured by Sonic to analyze its current marketing plan. In this paper, the task of marketing this product effectively will be analyzed by
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Sonic will be able to achieve this national and global positioning with a clear mission, strategy, target market selection, positioning, pricing, promotion, evaluation of competition, marketing effort, branding, and establishment of services. Each of these marketing tools will propel Sonic into the PDA market and beyond.
Part Two: Issues Analysis 1. What should Sonic 's mission statement be? Explain. Sonic has stated their greatest opportunity is “demand for multifunction communication, organization, and entertainment devices that deliver a number of valued benefits (Kotler & Keller, 2009). Their mission statement should be stated as follows, To provide digital organization for our customers’ specific everyday function, technology orientation, and financial status. We unite duality of quality with function. This statement allows the prospect of consumers’ awareness of Sonic’s quality products and the emphasis of the product for the specific individual. Sonic’s mission statement is characterized by versatility in the industry. Sonic will be able to function in the technology and consumer industry by its consumer brand awareness and its low-cost, user-friendly products. The statement “We unite duality of quality with function”, gives characteristics regarding Sonic’s type of

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