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1. What types of businesses appear to fit Melody’s market definition? How can you research the number of employees and find other data about these types of businesses?

Any big corporate business that requires a device to stay in touch with business colleagues, coordinate their busy schedules, and have constant access to work information at a given moment appear to fit Melody’s market definition. There are many types of businesses that fit this market definition: government contractors; manufacturing companies; transportation companies; banking, finance and insurance companies; and distribution and service companies.

You can research the number of employees by looking at this website:
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Consumers are demanding more functionality out of their PDA’s and phones as technology is becoming more mobile. With the smartphone market surpassing the PC market in size, Sonic will have major competition to try and differentiate from ( This will give Sonic the ability to focus on making superior products while driving cost efficiency.

1. What brand elements would be most useful for differentiating the Sonic brand from competing brands?

Sonic should utilize the initial product name, Sonic 1000, as the principal element in establishing the overall brand personality. Other elements such as logos, slogans, URLs, spokespersons, and ingredient branding will increase the consumer’s awareness of the Sonic 1000 because of its differentiating benefit, value-added price, and innovative features. With continual advertising, consumers will recognize and recall the Sonic products during the purchase decision and differentiate them from the competitor’s products. In addition, to continue to build awareness and provide an image of their product, Sonic 1000 logos and slogans could communicate descriptive information about the brand, including its packaging and ultimately keep the Sonic brand relevant for a long time.

2. How can Sonic sum up its brand promise for the new
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