Sonnet For The Class Of 58

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Life as the Graduates of the Class of ‘58
James Simmons’ poem ‘Sonnet for the Class of ‘58’ displays the conditions and society modern men live in. The poem develops its idea by giving examples of the graduates’ lives in adult world that is completely different from what they expected. As the speaker talks about how the ideal changes into only basic things in life, his words provoke the reader to think about their lives and compare them with their lives. The poem suggests the collapse of the ideal that young people have as they grow older and gain more experiences about reality of life.
The argument is developed through the speaker’s attitude toward his friends with realization that life is not what they expected it to be. In the first line
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According to the poem, life is not easy as the graduates and we thought it would be; there are obstacles and finally we have to endure and live unhappy. The poem teaches us about cruelty of real world that breaks our hopes and ideals; this cruelty is a consequence of society that people have to compete with others. After graduation, the graduates dream big, expect to chaste their dreams and to be successful. They also have moral principles in life and think that they will never break their own rule, but modern life doesn’t allow them to do that, and then they stuck in the unhappy modern world as we can see in the poem. Only when they are drunk, ‘life seem as it once seemed’ (8); this is a condition of people who have to drink to be happy and forget their miserable life, and we can see through alcohol sales that people really need to drink to gain their happiness. In addition, ideal everybody has seems to be destroyed when they grow up, and even people who are very successful and have power are disappointed with what they have become. This approach can be seen in the couplet: ‘even those who’ve gained more power and sense/ feel sorry when they feel the difference’ (13-14). Here the poem suggests that the society crushes their dreams and it relates to the conditions of the society; people have to fight with energy crisis and weak currency. Facing these problems to make a living, people are stressful and quit their expectations, and it leads to the collapse of their ideal. Finally the graduates only want what they think they can

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