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The Spenserian Sonnet was named for Edmund Spenser 1552-1599, a 16th century English Poet. The Spenserian Sonnet inherited the tradition of the declamatory couplet of Wyatt / Surrey although Spenser used Sicilian quatrains to develop a metaphor, conflict, idea or question logically, with the declamatory couplet resolving it.

Beyond the prerequisite for all sonnets, the defining features of the Spenserian Sonnet are: a quatorzain made up of 3 Sicilian quatrains (4 lines alternating rhyme) and ending in a rhyming couplet metric, primarily iambic pentameter. rhymed, rhyme scheme ababbcbccdcdee. composed with a volta (a non physical gap) or pivot (a shifting or tilting of the main line of thought) sometime after the 2nd quatrain. The
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Thus, while the sonnet finally celebrates America 's victory on Manila bay, that extreme joy is yet destroyed by the first eight verses that shows our fighting spirit though our troubled history has only lacked its brightness(dimmed).

Perhaps, it should have been sunset over Manila bay because foreigners often enjoy its view during sunset, but the poet chose moonlight, not because it is more romantic(dramatic effect) but because, as the poem suggests, it is under cover of darkness – that foreigners stole our country from us – “The deep 's bare bosom that the breeze molests” is a metaphor for American colonization.

So in our reading now, we understand that Maramag 's insistence on our own “scene so fair” in fact becomes a chief motive and inspiration for the Filipino poet. For his own scene is nothing less than his lost country whose physical and spiritual geography it is his task to imagine and so rediscover. There is still hope to heal all the wounds

A literary technique (also known as literary device) is any method an author uses to convey their message.[1] This distinguishes them from literary elements, which exist inherently in literature.
Literary techniques pertaining to setting[edit]
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