Sonny Ford Is A Caucasian Man, Who Is 21 Years Old That

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Sonny Ford is a Caucasian man, who is 21 years old that suffers from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a severe psychological disorder characterized by disorganization in thoughts, perception and behavior. It was first discovered by the works of an German psychiatrist, Emil Kraepelin who called this disorder Dementia praecox. This affects 1% of the American population. Kraepelin believed that this was a result from autointoxication, which is the self-poisoning of brain cells caused by abnormal body metabolism. This severe disorder deals with various types of misconceptions with the understand of the experience of schizophrenia which is also portrayed by the media. The purpose of this case is to provide the specifics of how a patient’s…show more content…
Individuals who have schizophrenia have a split mind from reality caused by behaviors and mental states associated with psychotic symptoms. The patient was referred to a hospital admission by his outpatient psychotherapist with the history of difficulties of social adjustment, difficulties at work and interpersonal relations. He was exposed to other symptoms: concentration difficulties, anxiety, and obsessional thinking. The patient had began to experienced paranoid and delusional thoughts that had become quite persistent. These are positive symptoms that is shown in schizophrenia. The patient had also experimented with marijuana that cause him to think that his mind had gone “numb.” Delusional thoughts can cause the patient to believe in seeing an false imagery or ideas about any type of government that can’t be explain by others. Because of this, the patient had developed paranoid concerns that the police and FBI were after him (Applebaum, 1999). The patient also heard voices in his head that he was self-aware of anger and critical voices. Research by Mueser (1999) illustrated that patient with schizophrenia experience auditory hallucinations experience 71% and can arrange from one and more voices from different gender. In addition, sometimes, the voices can be heard as repetitive of the patient thoughts, and action that gives them a commentaries.
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