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5 Wine Country Options After Wild Fires Take a Toll
Considering the effects of the recent wildfire outbreaks that ravaged the counties on Napa and Sonoma, wine connoisseurs have had to discover a number of other comparable vacation tours around the country for their wine going pleasures.
Although Napa and Sonoma Valleys will forever remain world famous, it should be noted that alternative tour options are on the rise and surprisingly satisfying. While efforts are ongoing to build and replant our most famous wine country, we will explore great alternatives for wine lovers everywhere. If you are therefore looking for a great getaway to savor some of the best wines of the country, which also upholds the well-known standards of Napa and Sonoma, you should consider one of these options:________________________________________
1. Willamette
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This option makes our list of other great options to Napa and Sonoma because many wine enthusiasts really do not realize exactly how good this region can be. With a surplus of wineries across its three lakes, this area remains remarkable in its wine production capabilities and standards. Free from some of the tourist overrun that so many other regions are known for, the lake views are also breathtaking and other worldly and will surely leave you with memories that will linger on.
Learn more and book a tour here: Finger Lakes Wine Tour
5. Smith Mountain Lake, Va.
Lastly, you would also find a number of exciting wineries in the Central Virginia area that are worth your time. This region is a “treasure trove” for Viognier, Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin. Roanoke area offers just shy of 16 wineries. You’ll find that you would be able to unwind and relax on the lake as you also relish the great taste its wineries have to offer.
A couple of suggested visits: Ramulose Ridge Vineyards and Valhalla
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