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The Author Thomas Hardy was born in rural England where he spent his early life training as an architect. His family did not have much money and this made him acutely conscious of social inequalities in Victorian England. He moved to London when he was a young man and worked there for a time. He later returned to Dorset, becoming a fulltime writer. The decay of rural Britain, the status of women in society and social inequalities of his times and the Christian idea of God are some of the recurring themes we see in Thomas Hardy’s novels. Many of his stories are set in semi-fictional Wessex. Thomas Hardy’s characters struggle against adverse social circumstances, strong passions and an inexorable fate that decides the path of their life.…show more content…
Sophy is injured in an accidental fall and is rendered partly invalid. The Rev. Twycott is moved by her plight and proposes to her though he feels it is an unwise action that will bring social censure. Sophy is not in the least in love with him, but the veneration she feels and the little quarrel she has had with her friend Sam makes her accept this proposal. Following marriage they move to London to escape attention which would have been inevitable in the village. Soon a son, Randolph, is born to them. The boy is educated in a public school and thence at Oxford. Following the death of her husband Sophy has nothing much to do and is bored by the uneventful life that she leads looking forward only to the occasional arrival of Randolph. But he has grown estranged from her and is supercilious and critical in his attitude. A chance meeting with Sam rekindles their feelings and Sam proposes to her again. Sophy wants to take this second chance though she knows that a marriage will mean the loss of the house and inheritance. When she broaches the subject with Randolph, he voices strong disapproval. Sam waits for another five years in the meantime becoming prosperous. When Sophy turns to Randolph once again for his approval, he makes her swear against marriage to Sam. Isolated from the man who loves her and starved of her son’s love, Sophy dies. While the funeral procession moves along, Randolph sees Sam waiting in his front of his shop. But even now
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