Sons of Guadalupe

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EL RINCON DEL MUNDO The small town of Guadalupe has Spanish history, as does most of the southwest region of the USA. Most of Guadalupe’s jobs center around agriculture. “El Rincon del mundo” which is what the region was thought of, literally mean the edge of the world in English. The name of Guadalupe is derived from either “La virgen de Guadalupe” or “Rancho de Guadalupe”. THE SKINNY BEAR Oso Flaco or (skinny bear) is a salt water lake near Guadalupe, gets it’s name from a story of a Spanish adventurer who kills a bear then eats its meat not knowing that the bear had been poisoned by the local Native Americans. The teens of Guadalupe organize a youth group called “Thee Group B”. “The Group B” has it’s own house band…show more content…
THE HANGING TREE Leroy Park is a park in northern Guadalupe. It is the site of the only gym in town and a large tree called the hanging tree from which Chinese laborers were hung in the 1890’s. Guadalupe’s Far West Tavern is the place to go for steaks and beer. The youth of Guadalupe were not given the best chance to succeed academically, due to negligent, possibly even criminal faculty at Guadalupe schools. DON’T EAT THE BEAR Don’t eat the bear is a reference to the bear from the “Oso Flaco” story. This chapter is an introduction to the city of Guadalupe and it’s culture. THE UNITED NATIONS In Guadalupe there is a Hodge-podge of different ethnicities. Even though Asians are not allowed to become U.S. citizens, until 1952 the Asians still were able to own and operate many stories in town. NO JAPS ALLOWED After the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese that propelled the U.S. into World War II, paranoia causes President Roosevelt to sign an executive order forcing all people of Japanese ancestry; including those born in the U.S. to be moved to concentration camps. Even in the towns where the camps were located, stores would post signs saying “No Japs Allowed”. ON SUNDAY’S AFTER MASS The Japanese community of Guadalupe and the Aratani family is very generous to the surrounding community. George Aratani the founder of Kenwood electronics gives millions of dollars to a sports and
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