Sony : A Global Leader

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Sony is a company that needs very little introduction, it’s a global leader in many different aspects of the international market. Its pure size means that they are widely respected and their revenues prove to be a major boost to any countries GDP. This document will look at how Sony began, structures its organization and the hand it’s had to play in the political scene. This document will run a detailed investigation into Sony with the growing importance of corporations and their entrance into the political scene. Which has proven is inevitable with government either aiming to attract big business or keep what little they have by making deals and catering to their needs, as well as the growing risk of hacking and the need for cyber…show more content…
When looking at how companies, specifically transnational corporations you have to consider what that money could be used for especially in an age where most companies possess more capital than most countries, This can be seen clearly in the case of Wal-Mart with its overall revenues surpassing the GDP of Norway making it in theory the 25th biggest country in the world.(Trivett, 2011) Would it be so far off base to suggest that Sony to some extent carries some weight on the political scene not just in their home country of japan but also on foreign shores? With Sony pictures even confessing to the fact that the world famous movie ‘the interview’ which depicted the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un which was mainly intended to push the idea of an invasion on to its shores. It was suspected that American officials had been in contact with Sony representatives to discuss the matter well before the movie was released. This was later proven as investigations found interactions between Sony and U.S officials. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss the specifics and intent of the movie (Hornaday, Ann. "Sony, 'The Interview ' and the Unspoken Truth: All Movies Are Political." The Washington Post. 18 Dec. 2014. Web. 2016). So far all that’s been shown is the possibility of their political connections. The document will go further as to analyses Sony entertainment from a business stand point. To understand how a
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