Sony : A Japanese Multi Industry Cooperation

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Sony is a Japanese multi-industry cooperation; founded in 1946, headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. There are a diversity of segments consisted within the company, such as consumer electronics, music, financial services and motion pictures. As a leading manufacturer, Sony appeals to both consumers and professionals through their innovative inventions to improve lifestyle and convenience to suit the needs of the future target market within their economic budgets.

Wearable technology, in the case of Sony, SmartWear, is a predicted trending branch of ubiquitous products set to become the next generation technology. As advancements in computer engineering enable electronic chips to become smaller, and batteries to become longer lasting, the engineering technology involved is advanced enough to be integrated in the form of a small wearable device. Wearable tech incorporates gadgets that are integrated into everyone’s daily life in the form of fashion. Whether the tech is the form of glasses (Google glass smart glass), a watch (Sony smart watch) or an earpiece (Hearables), the product must appeal to consumers through the functionality and form.

Recently, late October 2014 was the release of the Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW3) to consumers, the third-generation smart watch within the SmartWear product family. However, improvements have dramatically occurred in terms of the functionality that sets it apart from the rest of the competing smart watches. The SW3 is compatible with Android
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