Sony : A Long Term Focused

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1.0 Introduction

Sony is a long-term focused, experienced organisation in the electronic industry which is recently facing some serious management issues. The organisation was founded in 1946 is one of the most extensive entertainment companies in the world. The management issue being discussed in this report is that sony is some environmental shocks led the organisation to face too many loses and crisis which led to leadership changes as the leader was too contingent in his style and couldn’t cope up with the environmental changes. A new leader has been appointed to bring changes and save it from the crisis by changing the environment to more situation oriented approach." There is no recipe for success when it comes to running an organization. Similarly, when speaking of the management styles, it can be indicated none which has been successful in all situations and in every type of organization. The leadership style represents the manner in which a leader exercises his role within an organization.” Novac, C., & Bratanov, C. I. (2014). This report will argue what king=d of leadership style and attribute should the new leader follow to get Sony out of crisis and regain its market strength 2.0 Issue identification

The management issue identified here is that Sony’s leader didn’t really plan any strategies to avoid environmental threats and couldn’t cope with the changing environment. According to the case study it has been evident that being a task oriented leader he was

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