Sony : A Successful Company

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1.0 Introduction
Sony is a global company based in Japan that creates electronics from smart phones and television devices. Sony a very successful company in the entertainment industry and company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products. For Sony to remain a success entertainment industry, prosperous leadership ought to be applied in the organisation to be effective for the future. Consequently, using leadership styles such as transactional or transformational with greatly benefit Sony. This report will analyse transactional and transformational leadership concerning Sony.
2.0 Issue Identification
Nevertheless, leadership is a style of behaviour that managers can apply to an organisation that is highly beneficial. The purpose of leadership to focus and maintain on motivating a group to achieve their goals. In Addition, Sony, has lacked in a strong current impact of leadership and therefore this has caused the organisation to have multiple issues throughout the company 's history and therefore has not been successful. However, Sony has adopted a poor leadership style and the outcome has caused the company to suffer greatly but if an appropriate leadership style for managers is implemented this can help in the future and assist the company greatly. A type of leadership that Sony and the managers can achieve betterment from are transactional and transformational leadership. Although, If Sony does imply transformational or transactional leadership for

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