Sony Analysis

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TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 INTRODUCTION 4 SWOT ANALYSIS 6 PESTEL ANALYSIS 11 RECOMMENDATIONS 16 REFERENCES 17 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Consumer electronics, broadcast and professional systems and information technology products are widely used in this globe. For example Japan was one of the leading countries in the industry of electronical goods. Japanese electronic products share a large portion of the Japanese trade industry, and their high quality ranks them as one of the Japan’s representative industrial products. Many Japanese electronics manufacturers are expanding their business overseas, which ranks the electronics industry as the most internationalized…show more content…
Service Another strength of Sony is that their international presence makes it very convenient for customers to contact them for after sales services, regardless of the place of purchase. This helps customers have faith in the product and they know that if something goes wrong, irrespective of where they are at that point in time – they can always contact a Sony office Wide range of products Sony being such a large corporation is highly diversified into the electronics field, financial services, etc. This helps them to sustain because incase one particular industry is slowing down, it will not affect the entire company as a whole as much as it would if it were only catering to that industry. Diversification helps reduce risks and therefore minimizes the chances of failure WEAKNESSES High Pricing In these times, with a lot of options in electronics – Sony’s pricing strategy does not seem apt as their products are relatively expensive to its competitors; whether this be the Sony VAIO or the Sony PS3. Some people argue that this price can be justified because of the brand name of Sony and it will most definitely look bad on the company image if Sony suddenly drops all its prices just to be competitive in the market. In fact, Sony was forced to lower its PS3’s price by $100 just to
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