Sony And Microsoft ( Ps4 And Xbox 1

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Sony and Microsoft (Ps4 and Xbox 1)
Last fall the two companies Microsoft and Sony released their respected new consoles; PS4 and Xbox 1. Over the years these two companies have battled it out for the gold crown for best console. Everyone has their own opinion bout the two companies. It has been debated for many years about who has the better console. The two companies brought their newest console to a market that probably wasn’t ready for it. They both undervalued what they believed they would sell. The market wasn’t as large as the previous consoles were. Many people are still satisfied with what they have with their ps3 or Xbox 360. Both companies had to bring specs to their new product to make people want to get it. They brought new technologies that were very nice and all. But these technologies are something that people are not ready for and something that was not needed yet. These two companies are competing to win people. It’s the console battle that has been going on for years. Sony has continued to bring blue ray and only aspects that make them special. On the other hand Microsoft has been known for their online community that brings people all around the world together. The two companies and their systems both have qualities that make them great, it is just a matter of opinion of what company and system you choose to go with. I plan to talk about how these two companies have grown and how they have grown off each other. I want to talk about how the battle has

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