Sony And The Largest Music Distribution Industry

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Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita (Misek, 2005) started Sony in 1946 in Tokyo Japan. Today Sony makes everything even telephones, Sony owned one of the largest music distribution companies in the world. A movie production studio and a financial services conglomerate. In 2013 Sony revues was over 72.3 billion, profits were 2.5 billion (Misek, 2005).
Sony entertainment is an American entertainment subsidiary of Japanese multinational technology and media conglomerate Sony (Misek, 2005). Sony has made a big commitment to making the very best technology, in the world. Sony has been around for many years, Sony was originally called Tokyo Te Telecommunications Engineering Corporation or more commonly Totsuko (Misek, 2005). It 1958 that the company changed its name to Sony Corporation after taking Sonus a Latin word meaning sound, changing it to Sonny, they wanted a name any one could pronounced in any language
Sony has been a leader for many years; in making consumers electronics products, Sony did not just recreate products. However, they actually invented new technology. In 1960, Sony was the first company to create portable direct television sets, the television was the world’s first projection portable transistor television, and the model was developed based on the radio technology (REINHARDT, 2015).
Akio Morita along with Eiji and Soichiro Honda, they rank as one of Japan’s greatest business, Morita was born Jan 26, 1921 into a wealthy family in the industrial city of…

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