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Discussion 3- How might Sony plan for the future in the electronics industry? What opportunities and threads do you see coming in Sony’s future? Future Plan of Sony Overcome the weakness and exploit the strength will be the future plan. 1) Lost in strong competition in electronic industry such as Apple, Samsung a. Joint Venture with Competitors In the industry nowadays, a company is hard to handle a whole project but cooperating with other competitors can achieve success. Sony has already started cooperating with competitors such as Sharp, Panasonic and it should explore more possibility. b. Make changes on technology Comparing to other competitors’ superiority, Sony should improve its R&D, design, marketing and innovation of product and services…show more content…
Sony should conduct an examination to evaluate the values and worth of different department. The unrelated department should be terminated before keeping affecting to company. Regaining focus on the core projects will be more efficient to regain the leadership in electronic industry. Apart from overcoming the weakness, Sony should also exploit their strengths. 1) Re-design of promoted products or services Sony could utilize its marketing strategies to promote and redesign its old products which was famous to customer such as PlayStation. Sony can try launch new products or products with adding new features using the old label in order to continue the popularity to the electronic industry. Besides, Sony can try to do fusion to two features of products. Mixing 4k revolution technology to monitor of mobile phone or mixing the professional camera technology to mobile phone can be the direction of development. 2) Enhance the Innovations Production Sony can make good use of its strong R&D and technological knowledge to the next generation innovations such as the rollable thin TV display and Freehand Manipulations on Interactive Surfaces (SmartSkin). This can maintain competitive advantage in electronic

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