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Sony PS4 – 100 Summer Day Challenge Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Project Aim 5 Project Objectives 5 Market Analysis 6 SWOT Analysis 10 Practical Point of View 11 Financial Projection 13 Conclusion 14 References 15 Appendices 16-18 Executive Summary The PlayStation is and has been a dominating force in the area of gaming consoles ever since its debut in 1995. Sony has created the ultimate entertainment magic box for young people, and the number of people who own a PlayStation 4 is close to 20 million as of January 2015, just over a year since its release. Our project focuses on one certain aspect: the health of people aged 13-21…show more content…
Its Australian headquarters is located in North Sydney in New South Wales. As an organization, Sony has been the innovator of countless products and experiences over many decades and still remains one of the major powerhouses in electronics. One of its signature products is the Sony PlayStation and within 6 months of its first released in 1995, Sony was able to sold 1 million units of the first edition of PlayStation (PlayStation Story 2015). Since then PlayStation has remained incredibly popular and this popularity has increased exponentially. In November 2013 Sony release its new generation PlayStation (PS4) console which instantly become a global success. Based on news reported on IGN.COM on November 2014, sales data revealed that PS4 holds the position of the number one selling console in Australia, outselling competitors such as Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Wii twofold. The consoles have a 60% market value shares and contributed 47% growth in retail sales for interactive home entertainment. Globally PS4 sales have surpassed 10 million units. The PS4’s success is due to its mobile device connectivity, immediacy of connection and social media sharing (Pitcher 2015). These astronomical sales shows that there are many people owning a PlayStations and playing video games has become a favorite pass time the younger generations. Kids are often seen playing their games on their playstation for hours on end and this is proven to be detrimental to their

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