Sony Computer Entertainment’s Core Product: Playstation

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Introduction to Sony Corporation Massaru Ibuka is the man behind some of the most successful high-tech products that consumers use today. Massaru Ibuka is the founder of Sony. After WWII, he opened up a radio shop and named his company “Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation,” (Sony Corporation, 2008, Introduction section, para. 1) which was then later changed to Sony. “The next year the company changed its name to Sony (from "sonus," Latin for "sound," and "sonny," meaning "little man").” (Sony Corporation, 2008, Introduction section, para. 1) Actually, Massaru wanted to change his company’s name, so that he could market his products to American’s. In order for any of their products to become a house hold name, he…show more content…
11) It provides people a new form of expression. Gamming allows people to use their imagination through high-tech digital technology. According to Stephane Natkin, author of “Video games and Interactive Media: A Glimpse at New Digital entertainment”, states that “the term video game refers to an interactive audiovisual work whose primary aim is to entertain its users/spectators, and which uses for its implementation a machine based on computer technology.” (Natkin, 2006, p. 2) Video games allow people to take on different identities from their own. It allows people to role play, and to interact with each other. This is called Multi-playing, which allows 2 or more players to interact with one another. “Video games-like many other games-are inherently social, though, in video games, sometimes the other players are fantasy creatures endowed, by the computer, with artificial intelligence and sometimes they are real people playing out fantasy roles.” (Gee, 2003, p. 7) Players are making the decisions for their characters, something that visual entertainment has never offered before. Games has been apart of our society for a very long time. “Games, of course, reflect the culture we live in-a culture we can change.” (Gee, 2003, p.11) Today, video games play a significant role in the American culture. The PlayStation Ken Kutaragi is the man behind the PlayStation revolution. Ken

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