Sony Corporate

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1 Introduction Sony was a leading global electronics company but now is almost well-known by making losses. In 2012, Sony’s chief executive Kazuo Hirai announced that the firm will shed 10,000 staff which working in businesses that are being sold in major reorganization. Sony also emphasizes that it will focus its business on three core areas: digital imaging, games consoles and mobile devices. Finally, it also discussed the reasons why Sony needs to cut jobs and the layoffs will help Sony transfer their position from loss to profit. The first measure is researching the secondary data which can help managers to make correct decisions. Managers should collect and choose the valuable data from the massive database. Furthermore,…show more content…
Sony will also to explore the establishment of industry alliance mode on the electric car battery and the energy storage module business areas. Colour TV business also needs to be optimized; the target is in the 2013 fiscal year to achieve profitability. Sony has sold stake with Samsung joint venture LCD panel plant , in fiscal year 2012 TV model was reduced by about 40% than the 2011 fiscal year , so that the television business fixed operational cost by 60%, reduce operating costs 30%. Sony will research, development of OLED, direct LED and other new types of display, and use of the content advantage to enhance colour television product differentiation. And then, Sony will focus its resources on digital video, games and mobile in order to promote the survival and growth of electronic business. While medical and 4 K (1080P HD four times the resolution) technologies, is Sony long-term "breed” focus. Sony has launched medical printers, monitors, video recorders and other medical products, and strives to this business in the fiscal year 2014 reach 500billion yen scale. Sony was planning to enter the field of life sciences, has acquired a production cell analyzer iCyt company, as well as the production of medical and diagnostic equipment of Micronics company, will
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