Sony Corporation ( Sony )

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Overview Sony Corporation (Sony), incorporated on May 7, 1946, is engaged in the development, design, manufacture, and sale of various kinds of electronic equipment, instruments, and devices for consumer, professional and industrial markets, as well as game consoles and software. Sony’s primary manufacturing facilities are located in Japan, Europe, and Asia. Sony also utilizes third-party contract manufacturers for certain products. Sony’s products are marketed throughout the world by sales subsidiaries and unaffiliated distributors, as well as direct sales through the Internet. Sony is engaged in the development, production, manufacture, marketing, distribution and broadcasting of image-based software, including motion picture, home entertainment and television products. Sony is also engaged in the development, production, manufacture, and distribution of recorded music. Further, Sony is also engaged in various financial service businesses, including life and non-life insurance operations through its Japanese insurance subsidiaries, banking operations through a Japanese Internet-based banking subsidiary and leasing and credit financing operations through a subsidiary in Japan. In addition, Sony engages in a network service business and an advertising agency business in Japan. The Headquarters, as its name implies, provides global headquarters functions, ensuring solid cooperation among businesses. Sony will continue to strive to realize integrated value creation throughout
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