Sony Ericsson from Joint Venture to Wholly Owned Subsidiary

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The Sony Ericsson joint venture is a case study that can be used to explore key international business strategies and concepts. 1. Sony & Ericsson’s motivations behind the joint venture (JV) The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, one of the “Big Three” mobile handset manufacturers in the 1990s, started to reach difficulty as it entered the new millennium. In 2001, Ericsson’s sales dropped by 52%, recording a $1.39 billion loss which preceded an announcement that would lay off 20% of their workforce. Ericsson found itself losing market share to “Big Three” rivals Nokia and Motorola and eventually even to Siemens. Analysts attributed this downfall to Ericsson’s stagnant phone designs, slow time to market and their inability…show more content…
A joint venture with Sony allows a large R&D division focusing on mobile, which is vital to ensure its network business stays in touch with consumer demands. Sony has a strong reputation on the domain of digital and audio technology. However, Sony was a marginal player in the handset industry with 2% of market share. Previous attempts to enter the US and European markets both failed due to poor knowledge on mobile technology. Sony was too slow to move away from its traditional businesses such as music stereos, televisions, VCR and DVD, hence a partner who could provide expertise knowledge was needed. Joint ventures have further benefits. Joint ventures are based on sharing individual ability and resources for the purpose of achieving a mutually beneficial objective. Sony gains access to Ericsson’s market share and their network of infrastructure and handset technology. Ericsson can acquire Sony's experience on consumer electronics, fashionable designs and production processes. Hence, the joint venture overcomes Sony's low market share and strengthens Ericsson's ability of research and product development. Thus joint ventures resolve the opportunism issue with OEM, licensing and franchising. In addition, both companies gain access to foreign markets. Joint ventures allow Sony to get back to global business by

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