Sony Music Entertainment Executive Summary

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Sony Music Entertainment Executive Summary

Originally launched as American Record Company in 1929, Sony Music Entertainment Inc. has since established itself as a leading manufacturer of video, audio, communications, and information technology products.
In September 1976, the joint venture CBS/Sony Records Inc. presented the market with the revolutionary compact disc (CD) and began producing the disc in America in 1983. After joining Bertelsmann AG, Sony eventually acquired BMG’s stake in 2008, and began functioning as a wholly owned subsidiary. In July 2012, Sony/ATV Music Publishing purchased the publishing rights of the EMI group, which strengthened Sony’s position as the world’s largest music publisher.
Sony’s innovative approach and successful brand name, being associated with numerous motion pictures, computer entertainment, music, television, and online businesses, makes Sony one of the most successful, extensive entertainment and technology companies in the world.
Despite Sony Entertainment’s success, due to a declining industry, Sony has been unable to sustain their profit margins from previous years. After an in-depth analysis of Sony Music Entertainment’s industry position and it’s rival competitors , along with an assessment of their internal and external environment, I have developed two recommendations that will increase Sony Music’s long-term profitability in the digital music industry. The following recommendations, derived from the addendums below, will
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