Sony : One Of The Foremost Tech Corporations

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Sony is one of the foremost tech corporations in the world. According to their mission statement, they aim to inspire and fulfill client curiosity. The company comes up with products and manufactures home use game consoles as well as software. The company also develops, produces and distributes recorded music in all commercial formats and genres. They have an unlimited passion for innovation and this helps them to provide ground-breaking excitement and entertainment in variety of ways that only the company is able to. At the present, the company is engaged in the development, design and manufacture of various kinds of electronic equipment and instruments and devices for consumer and industrial markets.
Over the years, the company has become a worldwide industry leader in technology, and has released many products along the way. One of the company’s secrets to success is they tend to create their own in-house standards for technology rather than copying the standards of other manufacturers. This does not mean the company has not had its lows. In September of 2000 for one, the company had a net worth of a whopping 100 billion dollars but by December of the next year, this figure had plunged to $18 billion (Hao and Misra, 2012). The company has attempted to recover from the losses during the last decade through joint ventures and outsourcing. As such, the aim of this paper is to analyze the most recent annual reports of the company and show how various financial ratios

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