Sony Pestle

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Introduction: This course work is to evaluate the different factors affecting the international business. Such as political, social, economical, and technological. You will see all these factors to be discussed in a chosen company and it also contains supply chain with logistic process of the chosen company. International business is the process of integration and interaction among the people. it is the process of boosting the interdependence and connectivity of the world markets and businesses. In the recent two decades, this process speeded up and it helped allot of companies to be known by people all over the world, Sony is one of those companies, which speeded up its growth and become one of the best companies in the world. Sony…show more content…
Therefore, Sony needs to be very careful to its innovation and idea generation. Sony is globalized company so that changing in international law or trade restriction could affect the way in which Sony works, and Sony needs to follow the rules and regulations, that are imposed by the government. The terms legal always cannot come with term political because most of the time, by change in the politics of a country the legal terms and condition for business environment may remain the same. So that it could be named exceptionally, separate from political environments. Economical factors: The essencial factor by which growth of the economy could be assessed is economical factor. It could cover around the major aspects such as unemployment, wages, rising in spending of consumers and which sectors of economy is growing which sectors are not. J Morrison(2002). However the economic situation of Sony was reported not in good condition , cause of the economic shrunk. Due to this, economic shrunk and credit crunch the exchange rate was affected which could be related to Sony because it is international business and it is the key point which need to be taken into consideration being an international business. certainly the price selection will effect also. Recently the economic situation of Sony got worst in japan cause of the earthquake, which hated japan. Sony reported that it has 110 employees at two offices in Tokyo without injuries during
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