Sony Play Station Security Breach Essay

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It is almost impossible to find the top reasons why most security breaches happen on a secure network compromising hundreds to thousands of users’ personal information. This happens today more often than one would like to think and the consequences are astronomical for users, employees and customers of the companies. To protect a network and thoroughly secure confidential information, one has to examine the top vulnerabilities and think outside of the normal box to protect the network. When a security breach happens, there is usually a pretty simple reason why it has happened. This paper will discuss one of the highly publicized security breaches to happen in years, the Sony PlayStation Network & Qriocity music and video service that …show more content…
Finally a third incident happened involving the loss of 2,500 user’s names and addresses which was determined to have be a leak from the electronics division of Sony. ([.pag?docid=233020589). A total of three security breaches in three weeks amounted in over 100 million users having their personal information stolen makes customers’ faith in Sony grow to an all time low.
Millions of customers are asking how this could have happened and what is Sony doing to recover from this. There are many issues that could have led to Sony’s breach in security which include:
• Deploying the right security products – IT security today has a wide range of technologies that are aimed specifically at lowering risks and threats.
• Coping with business growth and expansion – While companies are acquiring others at a rapid rate of speed to drive growth for businesses, these companies are letting their information management systems lag behind in growth.
• The nature of the breaches – Sony is still having ongoing investigations into why their security breach happened, application-layer attacks attributed to the first two breaches. This makes one wonder if Sony took the appropriate measures when structuring their security defenses against such attacks.
Safeguarding personal information has become more difficult than ever before with so many services on the internet that require you to enter your personal information for many
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