Sony Playstation 3 Case Study

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Sony Playstation 3 Case analysis I. Improving Sales In the time since the release Sony has made numerous attempts at turning around sales. One of the biggest moves was to drop the price drastically. This gave a lot of consumer’s confidence to spend their money on the system. Some consumers rationalize the purchase as a reasonably priced Blu-ray DVD player. Sony also introduced a new peripheral that emulates a lot of the functionality of the Nintendo Wii’s “Wii-mote”, which will most likely sway new buyers away from Wii. Sony has also built a library of very popular games that was a major weak point at the time around release. While many of these moves are a step in the right direction, they were almost expected. For Sony…show more content…
Still to this day Nintendo holds a large fan base primarily through the iconic characters they created at the start of their reign (Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda). Even with the addition of the Playstation 1, the level of technology as far as graphics and functionality was at a set level and developers competed by focusing more on the game play experience through story and creative value as oppose to innovative design and technology. III. The Launch of Play Station 3 Sony has always prided themselves on being on the cutting edge of technology and always bringing the latest in all parts of the entertainment industry. Sony maintained this brand image with the release of the Play Station 3. Sony hyped up the product on every front, from ultra realistic graphic support to free online support to the cutting edge Blu-ray functionality. Sony had built up consumer expectations in what seemed to be an attempt to soften the blow of the high price. As far as technical specifications go, the Playstation 3 around release date was more superior then all competitors as well as most home computers. However, this was a bit of an oversight. Playstations high production costs delayed the release until after the holiday times, in which both Wii and Xbox 360 were released. This created an enormous shift in brand loyalty, and at the release of the PS 3, many impatient consumers were more than happy with their alternative purchase. This was further compounded by the fact
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