Sony Playstation 3

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Executive Summary 3
The anatomy of the product 4
Step Factors 6 Social Environment 6 Technological Environment 7 Economic Environment 8 Political Environment 8
Buying behaviour sony playstation 3 9 AIDA 9 Attention 10 The decision making process 10 Environmental influences 11
The Abell-Model: Sony Playstation 3 12
Marketing segmentation 14 Demographical segmentation 14 Psychological segmentation 15
Recommendation 16
Appendix 17

Executive Summary

“To become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics, entertainment and services.” That’s the mission of Sony, producer of the Sony Playstation. Sony, information and
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This makes it competitive. Like stated before there is the possibility to stream movies and series trough a service they made possible especially for the Playstation 3.
The things that are written above are all possible on the Playstation 3, but with an onion ring diagram we can sort those possibilities out in to a clear picture. This is done by describing the products different parts and possibilities and also dividing the product in to: the core product, the tangible product, augmented product and potential product.

Core product: The core product is of course the gaming experience and the entertainment.
Tangible product: The tangible product is the Playstation 3 itself, the hardware, The controller and cables.
Augmented product: This is the ting you receive with a Playstation 3 but you can’t actually touch. In the case of the Playstation 3 it is of course the fun, the family time. And also the movie entertainment experience.
Potential product: With the Playstation 3 it is quite difficult to come up things to add to the possibilities you already have. But next to gaming, movies it would be possible to have a computer connection so you can surf the web. This is discussed further in the recommendation.


Step Factors

Step stands for “Social, Technological, Economic and Political” and this is part of the external
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