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Market Research Analysis The case study of: “Sony Targets Laptop Consumers in China” -By: Kellogg School of Management, Sachin Waikar PROBLEM DEFINITION BACKGROUND AND DATA ANALYSIS In China 74% of the people own a desktop and about half the population owns a laptop, considering that half of the country has broadband internet connection, and of the households that own a laptop almost 80% have internet at home, the market for laptop in China is very interesting for Sony. Howeve, in the past years, Sony has been facing only a moderate success with a low market share and low brand awareness in China. Global image of Sony VAIO Globally the brand VAIO is known for being a “statement computer” a high-end niche product that…show more content…
(Exhibit 1) However, when compared to the Compass study, family users have a strong correlation to the characteristics of the “Unfussy basics” segment where they look for simple devices; and the “Unfussy basics” segment are likely to buy knockoffs rather than genuine because they agree that knockoffs are as good as the real thing, hence their probability or likelihood to purchase is low. (Exhibit 2) The fact that the VAIO 505 comes with a multimedia-integrated software for video & photo editing and music, it would attract the segment local segment of the Entertainment Lovers. However, they match the values of the global segment of the Unfussy basics, which are likely to spend less and not buy genuine brands. (Exhibit 2) Superficially, the segments of Fashion Oriented and Entertainment lovers in the local study, seem to be a tempting segment to choose, because they match VAIO’s values, however when calculated the likelihood to buy, the heavy users ranked amongst the highest potential consumers. (Exhibit 2) Therefore, the Fashion oriented does seem to be an ideal segment for VAIO in China, since their values match (Exhibit 4) and they have a high probability of purchasing (Exhibit 3). Comparing the Fashion Oriented local segment to a global segment they most likely match the Technosocializers who are also a good match segment for VAIO. (Exhibit

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