Sony 's External Environment Analysis

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Contents Introduction 2 Sony’s External Environment Analysis 3 1. Customers 3 2. Competitors 3 3. Media 3 4. Suppliers 3 5. Distributors 4 SWOT Analysis 4 1. Strengths 4 2. Weaknesses 5 3. Opportunities 6 4. Threats 6 Marketing Objectives 7 1. Profitability 7 2. Marketing Share and Volume 7 Marketing Strategies Analysis “4P’s”: 8 1. Unique Product: 8 2. Price: 8 3. Promotions: 9 4. Place: 10 Launch Date 10 CONTROL THE MARKETING Plan 11 Action Plans 11 Responsibility 11 Measurement and Control 11 Conclusion 12 References 13 Introduction Sony is one of the major big companies which has a lot of major products that are very desirable around the globe. It has customers from all ages, and products that is desired by someone in almost…show more content…
The PS4 graphics are one of the main reasons that the PlayStation 4 was poised to be hailed as the most powerful gaming console in the world in the next generation. The graphical capabilities of the PS4 are something that Sony has worked very hard at establishing as one of its staples. As far as online broadcasts and streams go, the PS4 now has 3.6 million live broadcasts, 56 million spectate sessions via Twitch and U-stream, and 20 per cent of daily broadcasters on Twitch being PS4 players. Developers are beginning to take advantage of PS4 's new interactive live broadcasting gaming features, integrating modes that allow broadcasted gameplay to become interactive for spectators. Even as a viewer, you can now influence live streamed gameplay. Sony’s External Environment Analysis 1. Customers The main customers for Sony’s PS4 are the hardcore gaming community. These people are usually males between 15 and 30 years old; however, with the PlayStation 4’s support for Blu-ray technology and online networking games. The secondary customers would be those interested in the highest quality of movie entertainment; this group could be anyone of any age. The third type of customers are the one who is interesting in the social network websites, like Facebook and Twitter. PlayStation 4 allows customers to access many online shows on several services websites, such as Netflix and Hulu. 2. Competitors Sony’s two big rivals in the gaming
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