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Twenty years commercial experience within the creative industries has taught me that the process of creative interaction is often collaborative and has allowed me to develop tactful communication skills, building relationships between colleagues, clients and suppliers. Consequently, my training in photography and graphic design combined with media and communications consultancy experience continues to influence my independent photographic and educational practice.

My professional interest in editorial photography, design and copywriting has enhanced my photographic collaborations and working relationships with art directors, graphic-product designers, marketing consultants, architects, artists, academics, curators, journalists and
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Over the years I have been fortunate to work with established and emerging academics in the fields of criminology, philosophy, international law, international relations, business-economics, mathematics, physics, art history, history, and English literature, poetry, sculpture, painting, and dramatic arts.

In addition, working in different educational environments has allowed me the freedom to develop a mature understanding of participatory arts and teaching techniques. Thus, administrative and logistical duties have become integral to my teaching practice and include planning and writing courses and funding proposals with colleagues, student evaluations, assessments and reports for academic administrators and external stakeholders.

As a result, I am enthusiastic to implement activities and construct projects in a creative and open-minded way. Encouraging students to work with young people with different academic and creative interests and find, meet, engage, and work with local young people from different cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds. For that reason developing a mature attitude to managing and mentoring large, diverse groups of international students in college and adult education (including adults with learning difficulties) is fundamental to my continued professional development and commitment to equality in education.

In educational surroundings creativity supports and generates entrepreneurial activities, offering
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