Sophia Case

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1.) Identify the issues that Sophie has to resolve.

In this example, Sophie is faced with the challenge of how to properly report her expenses while on her first sales trip with her new company. Emma, Sophie's mentor, and senior sale person, tells her that the company policy for filling out expense vouchers is to leave off any gratuity that the sales person pays when on a trip. The reality is that it is expected for sales people, and even encouraged by their manager, to pad their reports to calculate for the gratuity. Emma tells Sophie that when a sale person did not conform to this method of padding her expense report, she and all the other sales people from that trip were investigated. Ultimately, that sales person was either fired or quite, while the rest of the group received little to no repercussions.
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Sophie can do one of three things. She can report her expenses as they were incurred in abidance with the corporate policy. In doing this, she runs the risk of having not only herself, but the rest of the group investigated as their expense report would not match. This could ultimately get her or her team mates fired.

She could submit her expense voucher with padded amounts to cover the cost the gratuity she paid while on the trip in compliance with what is expected by her fellow sales people. This would be against company policy, and could lead to expense report fraud if she were ever caught. This could lead to a world of different problems, such as termination, or criminal charges for fraud.

Lastly, she could submit two different expense vouchers. One without the padding in it in accordance with company policy. The other one she could submit with the padded amounts. This would help build a case, and document the cost difference in what the company is paying for and what the sales person is left unreimbursements for.

3.) What should Sophie do if the company policy appears to conflict with the corporate
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