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Sophia Diep Mrs. Ploeger English 3, P. 6 8 March 2017 The Great Gatsby Character Analysis Essay Outline Thesis: In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald shows the corruption of material wealth through the empty life of Daisy Buchanan. I. F. Scott Fitzgerald weaves white and yellow to present a contrast between Daisy 's purity and her actual corruption by materialism. A. Daisy is associates with the color of white, from her young age to now, "she dressed in white, and had a little white roadster" (Fitzgerald 40). 1. Daisy 's car was white so are her clothes, the rooms of her house, and about half the adjectives used to describe her. She is pure and innocent at this time 2. By using a color of white, the author implies that Daisy used to…show more content…
3. Daisy cried when she receives the letter from Gatsby the night before her wedding, but the next morning she still get marry to Tom, and put beside Gatsby. B. Daisy 's hope that her daughter "will be a fool that 's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool” demonstrates how empty life is for Daisy (Fitzgerald 17). 1. She knows that life at that time is cruel for women, therefore the only way to survive and live carelessly is through beauty not intelligent. 2. Daisy decided to deal with Tom 's affairs rather than speak up for herself. 3. Tom is God knows where after Daisy gave birth to their daughter illustrates how loveless and unhappy Daisy and Tom marriage is. C. Daisy become more confident after her reunion with Gatsby illustrates how empty her marriage is, as she offered Tom a pencil just in case he needs to write down any number (Fitzgerald 58). 1. Both Daisy and Tom has an affair with someone else. 2. Daisy becomes more confident after her reunion with Gatsby demonstrates how Tom is just someone she could lean on, as she found Gatsby, Tom is not as important as he used to be. 3. Daisy is fully aware of Tom affairs but she decided to keep it to herself and act like a little fool earlier in the story. III. Fitzgerald’s characterization Daisy demonstrates that Daisy is a materialistic person. A. "Her voice is full of money" (Fitzgerald 67). 1. The author

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