Sophia Grace Thesis

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Circa 2011 – people has fallen in love with the two adorable cute girls when their version of Nicki Minaj’s then viral Boom Boom Bass was posted online. Jog that memory upon hearing names Sophia Grace and Rosie…ring a bell? Yes? Now we’re talking. Taped in their pink tutus and tiaras, young Sophia Grace (then 8 years old) and her cousin Rosie (then 5 years old) had become an overnight sensation due to their candidness and energy as evidently shown on their vid. The popularity of these two was even heightened when known noontime host Ellen DeGeneres invited them to come over on one of the episodes that picked up high ratings and earned millions of views in YouTube. Many were touched as the genuine emotions of surprise and happiness enveloped the two little girls upon seeing Nicki for the very first time.…show more content…
Pulling the time back to the present, the once kiddie protégé has emerged to be more promising than ever as Sophia Grace, now 13 is setting foot to the world of music – and this time playing it seriously. Proving that she’s more than just the covers songs she has done in the past, this teenager sends a message that she can make an original track equally as popular. This young girl has collaborated with another must-watch newbie, rapper Silento. Together, they have come up with a catchy anthem ‘Girl in the Mirror.’ Set in a girly, bubblegum setting dominated by colors pink along with glitz and complementing lights, this song will surely capture the hearts of youngsters. This is not another money-making track because it conveys a message of loving one’s self and being comfortable into own skin which is very applicable with teenagers crossing that sometimes confusing life that borders in between childhood and
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