Sophie's Tragic Figures: A Narrative Fiction

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I wasn’t sure how long I had been hanging from this tree, or where Sophie was, or when I’d be able to get down. The only thing I knew was that I had regretted every wandering away from where Sophie had chosen to sleep. I looked up at my ankle that was caught in the snare, it was throbbing and the skin underneath my fur had turned a purplish color. My eyes began to itch as cries of hopelessness came from my mouth. I hoped Sophie would find me soon.
As I hung from the tree, my head aching, two bonobos approached me. A mother and her baby, the latter peering at me with wondering eyes. The mother seemed sympathetic when taking in my situation, but knew there was nothing she could do about it. I let out another cry knowing I’d probably be stuck
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I watched with worry in my eyes, hoping she would be able to get me down so we could get out of here. The whimpers coming from my mouth grew louder as pressure was put on my ankle when she tried to take hold of the rope. I knew from trying for the past minutes to climb up the rope that it would be too slippery to get a good hold on. She seemed hopeless for a minute, but then she opened her mouth and crouched down so that her mouth was near the rope. I began to feel more hopeful that we would get out of here when suddenly Sophie stopped what she was doing and began to climb further up into the trees, away from sight. I cried out in distress, my only hope had just left me!
The voices of two humans brought my attention away from the spot where Sophie just stood and over to a man and woman who were looking at me. They talked in hushed voices that I couldn’t understand. I thought they may be here to help me, when suddenly the man pulled out a shiny, metal figure and poked my hand causing pain to spread throughout it. I instantly pulled it to my chest and whimpered, trying to make the pain stop. The man and women went back to talking as I searched the trees for Sophie. Why would she abandon me like that, she was my mother! I needed her to help me get
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