Sophies World Essay

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Sophie’s World Essay #1 One of the most basic philosophical questions, as well as at the same time being the most complicated, in the novel Sophie’s World is the question, who are we? This question alone is what embarks Sophie, the main character in the novel, on a never ending journey of questions and through the world of philosophy. As it is shown in Sophie’s World, the concepts of philosophy have been in constant change all throughout history, philosophers contradicting one another in a constant battle to achieve greatness, and proceeding in a constant never ending cycle of philosopher contradicting philosopher. Because of this non-stop constant change in philosophy, Democritus, one of the earliest philosophers, would have a…show more content…
But no one really knows where the world really came from exactly, why? Because nobody was really there to personally witness the formation of the world and/or the universe. Most people know that the world is only a small planet among the infinite space, but then where does space come from and how was that created? This Just brings up another question with no definite answer. And if we continue, the questions just keep piling up, it’s like a cycle that keeps repeating itself over and over and over again... but these questions can’t really go on forever, there has to be an end to it all somewhere. Everything has its beginning at some point I say, but I might be wrong. Maybe “something” was always there and everything that we know of just evolved from that certain object or “thing”. But then that “something” had to come from something else wouldn’t it? These types of questions are only a few that were made to Sophie along the way of her philosophical exploration. This book attempts to tell us what people in the past have thought, fusing the historical side with the story itself. The anonymous philosopher who is later uncovered as Alberto Knox and Sophie, together are trying to figure out answers to all these unusual questions so important to mankind. So far the novel I would have to say is interesting in the aspect that you never know what question will be asked next. With
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