Essay on Sophism: Plato and Pericles

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Sophism In this essay I would like to talk about the nature of sophism and how it changes religion, politics and education. In the first part of my essay I am going to define the meaning of sophism, in the second part I am going to talk about the connection of sophism and aristocrats, in the third part of my essay I am going to talk about the changes in religion with the help of sophism; in the fourth part I will examine the changes in decision-making and in last part I will talk about Socrates use of cross-examination to find out the meaning of the oracle’s message. As a source of information I am going to use Plutarch’s essays Pericles and Alcibiades, Plato’s Apology and Crito, and Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War. I The meaning of…show more content…
182, par. 15) Pericles exercised political interest through giving speeches. He became very popular and earned his name in political arena by mastering oratory skills. His manner of speaking helped him to become the best of all speakers in Athens. Pericles was great as a leader, and he used all his skills as a logical man in order to occupy Athenians who weren’t involved in the army and who were unskilled. Because he did not want them to just get benefited from national income for doing nothing, he proposed to them different plans for public works and buildings where all kinds of industries could be involved. Since he didn’t have money of his own he was spending public money for building, and that is what he was accused of by Thucydides and other members of his party. Using the knowledge of psychology of people, Pericles knew how to persuade people in the Assembly. He didn’t have his own money, but still made the Athenians believe as though he did; and his reply to the accusation was as follows: “Very well then, do not let it be charged to the public account but to my own, and I will dedicate all the public building in my name” (Pericles, p.181, par. 14). Because Pericles knew that people would not accept his proposition for the reason that the people put their work into the structure of the buildings, he was able to convince Athenians to let him use the public money even more. Further, whoever criticized

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