Sophocles Antigone

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After reading Sophocles play “Antigone,” it wasn’t hard to see the connection I made with the daring character Antigone. Antigone is a great heroin, yet a tragedy. It is the story of a brave woman who fights for justice from her uncle, Creon. This will allow you to learn more about the characters and what they represent, it also introduces you to the way the characters act, and who they are. The way this story can impact you is beyond your own knowledge. It will open your eyes to what used to be and now, it will show you the differences that we can come to learn. Antigone is a young lassie, though she is not very social she is not shy either. Antigone is what you would call extremely headstrong when she becomes determined enough. I in this way am highly similar to Antigone, when determined enough I will stop at nothing to accomplish my goals (1.2-3). Antigone is physically built well and I am pretty sure she is physically healthy as well. As for me, I am physically built by strength and stamina, in fact my vigor is impressively great. Antigone and I can easily relate in most of our physical features and our exact will to strive for righteousness.…show more content…
We all can be a bit stubborn in my opinion, but it can sometimes lead us into unfortunate
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