Sophocles Oedipus The King As A Tragic Hero

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As the reader goes on to read the story by Sophocles they come to see why Aristotle considers this story to be a tragic. For the story of Oedipus the King is a true tragic from the very beginning. We come to see the hero who by the public is raised up since he or she appears on the outside to be a person of virtue. So much virtue in fact it is believed that they have no faults and are a perfect human being. However, this “hero” goes on and fails in some way. In turn he fall from their high position and fall in the lowest regards possible. This in turns causes that person to be shown pity. From a Christian view point his fall did nothing to help mankind, but made matter worst. A true example of a tragic hero would be Jesus Christ.…show more content…
Eventually, he was placed in the care of King Polybius of Corinth, who went on to raise him as his own flesh and blood. Years later, Oedipus instead of being content of where he was in life started to question his who his real parents are and started to have doubts. While it’s total not wrong to have doubts it’s what we do with them that defines are actions and that can lead to issues. For in his doubt’s he turn to an oracle just like his father did and not to the true God. To seek out the answers that he was looking for. This was a big mistake for unto now he did not know about the so called prophecy and as Miss Barstow said in her paper, Oedipus Rex as the Ideal Tragic Hero of Aristotle, “At last, too energetic to remain in the ignorance which might have been his safety, he eagerly hastened to the sacred oracle at Delphi to learn the truth.”(Barstow, 1912) While he went there to find the so called truth, the only thing that he took away from this meeting was “that he should kill his father and marry his mother.” (Barstow, 1912). Informed of this information he was so upset that he forget the main reason that he came to the oracle. Under the mindset that King Polybius was his true father, he decided to leave. For he loved his adoptive parents and he did not want to harm them in any way whatsoever. So left them in haste. As the old saying say haste makes waste so was it very true for Oedipus. For as was fleeing he was emotional torn and was not thinking clearly. So in this current conditions when he came upon his birth father unknowing and something took place which led to a fight breaking out. In the end he killed his father and tragedy that Laius had tried so hard to avoid had come to past. For if both parties involved had used cooler heads then this would not have come to past more than likely. At last they both gave into their emotions and the tragic that was
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