Sophocles Once Said, “I Would Prefer Even To Fail With

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Sophocles once said, “I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating.”. One of Sophocles final pieces he composed was Philoctetes, which emphasized how crucial it is to be considered noble or good among Athenians. If this perception is granted, a male can then be deemed worthy of the title, “gentleman”. The vital concept of what is viewed as honorable and moral during this time, contains a high correlation with justice and determining what exactly is believed to be right or wrong. From Plato’s point of view, each person should strive to accomplish the highest level that is founded within their soul. Throughout the story of Philoctetes, Neoptolemus practices soul-searching at its upmost intensity, while maintaining his…show more content…
Since Odysseus has already achieved victory and honor, he lives vicariously through Neoptolemus. Due to Neoptolemus’ willingness to carry out his ruler’s unnecessary orders, he continues to sink down further in the rankings. Moreover, it is noteworthy to consider Neoptolemus’ individual soul and analyze the actions and decisions he carries out. At one point in the story, Odysseus orders Neoptolemus to tell a lie and fool Philoctetes into handing over his bow. Due to the tricky nature of Odysseus’ tongue, Neoptolemus falls into a trap, which then forces him to make a decision whether to betray his friend and help Odysseus to conquer Troy, or to let Odysseus down and keep his friendship with Philoctetes. Since Achilles was a respectful person, primarily known for his honor and victory at war, Neoptolemus is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and keep a positive image of his family. Although the orders have been given to Neoptolemus, he has the decision to do as he is told, or do just as his father would have done. Neoptolemus realizes that it is important for the city that the just decision is made, even though the bow is an essential item that is needed to defeat and conquer the city of Troy. In this moment, Neoptolemus goes against Odysseus and does not fall for the trick that was presented to him; and because of this decision, Neoptolemus’ soul descends even lower,

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