Sophomore Challenge

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Hey you! Yes you, have you or anyone you know ever challenged a belief or an idea that they have had about themselves or things they have done and/or still do? Of course, they have, They are human and all of us end up doing it at one point in time. It is part of what being a human is about. Humans fail and either choose to challenge it or just let it sit there and decide what happens in life. Challenging a belief or an idea has never been effective for me in life until halfway through the second semester of Junior year of high school because it will be my last year and then the start of college and my future. The end of my Sophomore year was the worst time of my entire life and the main cause of my beliefs and ideas of myself. Depression hit me hard and fast like being in the two minute and twelve-second knockout boxing match with Muhammad Ali, but gratefully received help from my family, school, and a special someone. It played a massive role in my effectiveness in school work and social life, but that became the start of what I would call a blessing. Motivation and ambition came quickly after the second semester after months of pressure and love from others who I am proud to call family and friends. The start of the year started off…show more content…
I am not done with my challenge for another whole year but I am willing and able because, in the long run, it will be more than just beneficial for me, it means more than words can explain. All of it is worth it because of what I have planned for the future and the rest of my life, I will make the same choice again if the time comes. Succeeding in this challenge will not only prove to me what I am capable of doing but also to those who believe in me. Attending college in New York, marrying the love of my life, having kids and having a job that I love are all achievements of my challenge against my past self. I can do anything and I will prove it, I am determined
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