Sophomore Class Treasurer Essay

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I am running for sophomore class treasurer because I believe that we should have people in office that actually want to improve the school. I want to have a school where everyone feels like they belong, and have choices about what happens in their lives at school. What I have noticed while I have been in high school is that kids walk the halls everyday hating it not because of the work, but because they feel like their lives are being ran for them and that they have no control over them. They want to give their opinions and they should have that right. Does that mean that every idea is going to be great. No, but kids will feel they got the chance to speak their minds. This is an important time in our lives. We are growing up and on some things we should have a say. I want to make sure they do have that opportunity.…show more content…
Last year when I was a freshman, I was the treasurer of Panther Nation. Now I am in my second year of being on The Stone Memorial Dance Team. I have learned a lot from being on the team like what it means to be a team and to work together. I have learned that you sometimes have to take sacrifices for the greater good even if it is not exactly what you may want. I have also gained many leadership skills from being on the team, and was recently named the 2015-2016 captain. I believe all these things give me an advantage against my fellow
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