Sophomore Year Letters

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Dear 2017-2018 Sophomores,
I’m writing this letter to you to let you know what to expect for your sophomore year. I will be giving you some advice for some of the classes you will have to take in 10th grade. It is your second year in highschool and you still have a while till you graduate so you still have to try your best. So the classes we will be talking about is English 10 with Mrs. Ladwigs, Speech with Mr. Oakander, Health with Miss Maresh, Spanish 2 with Miss Messerer, Fitness training (weight lifting) with Mr. Worm, Economic and Business Law with Miss Gestring, Geography and American History with Mr. Vanwinkle, Biology with Mr. Carmichael, and Geometry with Backstrom. I am going to give you some tips to help you in those classes.
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Vanwinkle are honestly god awful. I’m just trying, to be honest here kids. When you have time to study and work on your homework, I suggest you do that because other wise you will get jewed on in that class. He gives you lots of homework, and there are lots of notes too. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR WORDS OF THE DAYS! You will need them at the end of both semesters.
Biology with Mr. Carmichael is not so bad. He teaches you very well and explains things to you so that you will understand. There are a lot of notes but you will be fine if you write them down. Because they help you out a lot and most of your homework will rely on your homework. Study a lot before the quizzes and tests because trust me you will need the studying. The labs are honestly not so bad so just finish them and get them turned it and you will do great in Biology!
Last class, I will be giving advice to you for is Geometry with Mrs. Backstrom. Some of you don't need this advice because you probably already took this class your freshman year (Smart alecks), but for the ones that haven’t taken it here you go. Advice listens to the teacher when she is explaining stuff, don't be afraid to ask questions on tests, and get your homework done no matter what. You take notes like every day but they honestly help you out a lot. So put those big boy/ girl pants on and sit your butt down in your desk and
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